Monday, 26 June 2017

Why do we use cold storage?


Cold Storage refers to the system of storing perishable commodities like food to prevent them from decaying. Such a system demands an artificial set-up where the temperature is kept typically low, sometimes below the freezing point. Apart from storing food, this system becomes inevitably important for storing cell samples, blood samples, vaccines and pharmaceuticals. The word "cold storage" can well be applied to something as small as a refrigerator or as big as a warehouse. In a situation where there are increasing demands for food supply, perishable goods become a liability owing to their tendency towards decaying. Cold storage preserve these types of edible items and lengthen the time for marketing the food. Cold storage are one of the many reasons for the expanding food trade all over the world. In recent years, Asia has started following the trend of using cold storage facilities. A business largely dependent on cold storage system can take resort to CRS Mobile Cold Storage, known for supplying portable cold storage units.

While cold storage systems are gaining immense vitality all over the globe, India still needs to gear up a bit to improve her cold storage units. Recent studies have revealed that most of the cold storage warehouses in India are adapted only to store potatoes, a vegetable that accounts for not more than 20% of revenue derived from agriculture. India, a country where economy depends a lot on agriculture, perishable goods indeed need a room to sustain and survive.

In a world of "give and take", cold storage systems help the companies to provide fresh and alluring commodities to buyers. In fact, they prevent the occurrence of any unfavourable situations due to decayed food products or medicines. There are myriads of cold storage processes and one needs to make the one right choice before investing. Not all food freeze successfully at a given temperature so it may otherwise affect the taste of the food. So it becomes quite essential to give proper attention while constructing cold storage units and maintaining an optimal temperature (taking all kinds of foods in consideration).
Cold storage once built properly steers away a great many number of hindrances. With its function to preserve, it plays the two-way role of preserving the edibles and thereby reducing the amount of waste and loss.


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