Friday, 8 May 2015

Refrigerated shipping van – highly sophisticated cold storage on wheels that prolongs contamination!

What is it that plays a significant role in preventing the food from getting contaminated? Well it is cold storage. But have you ever seen a cold storage on wheels? If not then here we introduce one such vehicle – refrigerated trucks which will astonish you. You have heard and seen this many times but never bothered to think why these trucks are so important? What is the purpose of these trucks? Why do we have blast chillers installed in them?

Let us know more about these. Such trucks come pre-installed with blast freezers and have the potential to carry large quantities of perishable goods in them. They help in the transit of food products in a much controlled environment. Some of the primary frozen food products like – dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat are carried in them. Infact products like meat and bananas not just move in a dedicated vessel but in such refrigerated containers which are especially designed for them. The demand for perishable food items has increased to great manifold owing to the nature of their lifestyle.

It is here when these freezers and vans come in scene. These refrigerated trucks are ventilated and insulated and are fitted with some cooling freezers. There are two kinds by which perishable goods are sent over sea and these are non-bulk cargo while the other is specialized refrigerated containers. Perishable and frozen food items are segmented into two kinds – frozen and chilled cargo. The chilled cargo comprises of dairy products, vegetables and fruits which need a specific temperature till the time it reaches the market.

The other category of perishable food products are frozen food products which involves seafood and meat. The temperature tolerances are generally relaxed as the quality is very less affected by minor changes in the temperature. Refrigerated vans have become a significant vehicle and equipment which helps in transfer of food items from one nation to other. All thanks to their blast chillers.