Friday, 23 June 2017

Ammonia Refrigeration- An ultimate way to keep your area cool


Excessive heat in the workplace causes negative effects on the persons working over there. Also, it affects the production rate and quality of the product. So, it is required to keep the area cool to get the best results. Fortunately, there are some methods to solve this matter, i.e. Ammonia refrigeration.
Cooling system helps in keeping the industry running to facilitate various functions. Ammonia is an artificial component meant for refrigeration. Basically, refrigeration requires basic physics for functioning. The heat energy goes out from one area to another. This in turn results in leaving that area cooler than the previous temperature. For large scale, ammonia refrigeration is required to get the cooling effect in lesser time. Generally, ammonia breaks down in the environment itself and does not cause any harm to the ozone layer. The damage can only occur if ammonia remains at the same place for more than a week.
Usually, anhydrous ammonia is used, which is a clear liquid and get boils at the temperature of -28° F. Under high pressure the liquid is stored in the closed container. It gets evaporated after released that cause a formation of invisible vapour or gas.

Why ammonia is required?
Many reasons are incorporated with the ammonia usage. Ammonia has become a choice of component where extreme cooling is required, especially in food processing industry.
  1. Safety level
Available as a toxic refrigerant, it is suggested to handle it with care. The refrigeration system is designed while keeping safety in mind. Due to its characteristic smell, it can easily be detected at the time of leakage.
  1. Saves energy
As compared to its counterpart, ammonia is much efficient in term of energy. Hence, ammonia is considered as the sustainable choice for providing safety.
  1. Effect on the environment
When it comes to the environment, ammonia is the most environment friendly reagent. It belongs to the group of GWP (Global Warning Potential) and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).
  1. Requirement of smaller pipe sizes
Either it is present in vapour or liquid form; pipes with smaller diameters are required for its supply.
Being a universal refrigerant, Ammonia is highly suitable for heavy commercial applications and industrial purposes.

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