Thursday, 10 December 2015

Concept Of Walk-In And Blast Freezer Helps In Preservation Of Food

Walk-in-FreezersPerishable goods need proper storage facilities to have long term usage. This is a concept that has woken up many industrial units like RINAC to come up with equipments and machines to rapidly cool the perishable food products. As a result, walk-in-freezers have become a norm in the food industry, which is quite big in terms of per capita consumption as well as revenue generation. 

Store for long and transport long distances – The walk in freezer is primarily used to store food items, which are of perishable nature, making use of scientific basis, which says that at extremely cold temperatures the water system inside the cells will not get metabolised, keeping the freshness of the products. Hence, food items like vegetables and fruits are stored and transported in large amounts across long distances in these kinds of freezing spaces. Also, meat and fish products can be sent to different parts in extremely cold temperature, so that they do not get stale or infected and can be consumed by the users without any issues. Even flowers are being brought into the business of long distance transport, from one country to another, with the help of such movable storage units. 

Extremely fast cooling – For preservation of food items, there is also the blast freezer, which is cooler than the walk in units. These are used to rapidly cool the temperature of the perishable goods, so that they can be then transferred for further storage or transport to distant locations. In this kind of scenario, many business enterprises in the perishable item sector are readily making use of the freezers to ensure that their products stay fresh and healthy for long time. 

Blast freezer

Varied sizes of freezers available for different businesses 

There is availability of the walk in or the blast variety of freezer in different sizes also. This becomes a benefit for all scales of business. Benefitting from such wide scale availability of options, there are people, who are now able to boost their business, while the consumers are also able to get varied kinds of food, which were earlier not available to them due to lack of storage and had to be prepared on everyday basis.

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