Monday, 18 December 2017

Blast Chillers to preserve the foods, sweets and dish

Did you realize that blast chilling is an undeniably well-known practice among catering organizations? That is because cooling food rapidly to a low temperature makes it safe from bacterial growth. 

Rapid Cooling of Food Hinders the process of Bacterial Growth - 
The bacteria tend to increase faster at temperatures in the vicinity of 8 and 68 degrees Celsius. In the event that you diminish the temperature of the sustenance rapidly to below 3 degrees Celsius with an hour and a half, you can limit the bacterial development and make the nourishment alright for storage and consumption later. This conveys the interesting issue of why Blast Chillers are in such appeal. Electronic blast chillers diminish the temperature of nourishment rapidly. They make the cooling temperature off to 3 degrees Celsius and the freezing temperature down to as low as - 18 degrees Celsius. This guarantees the sustenance stays alright for later utilization.

Blast Chillers

Freeze the Desserts and Sweets in 90 minutes - 
We as a whole know how bustling the food business can be, this time the substance and buyer security are at the highest priority on the rundown. Eateries and food providers locate this business kitchen gear top to their everyday business practices since it offers efficient and cleanliness in one bundle. The blast chiller is perfect for cooling drinks rapidly or it is best for the freezing desserts and sweets. When running an eatery you don't have throughout the day to spend on setting up a specific dish or sweet, so you have to consider utilizing a blast chiller to accelerate the arrangement procedure even while you are occupied preparing the other dishes. This makes you able to use multitasking and thusly makes your food business boom. 

Blast Chillers Fasten the Food Business - 
In earlier years, business refrigerators and coolers were standard and made in light of just a single reason: to freeze. They were not designed for speed cooling and freezing. The chefs couldn't process their nourishments as fast as they expected to in light of the fact. They were forced to make a specific dish or sweet a day before so it could cool or freeze overnight.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Disseminating some Information on ‘How to Install Sandwich Panels’

There are different kinds of Sandwich Panels in the market; these can be bought for roofing and also as wall panels. Depending upon the material, dimension, thickness and other specifications, the demand can be given and requirement can be fulfilled. Many of the sources provide easy installation and fitting in roofs and walls. One should look for water proof, corrosion resistant, tamper proof and highly durable sandwich insulated panels. Some are made of PUF, some are made of aluminium and some are made of stainless steel. Assembly of Sandwich Panels can be made vertically and horizontally in any weather conditions. Before installing them at designated place, one should check the structure for compliance with construction accuracy and design specification. Quality should also be rechecked. 

Sandwich Panels

Now preparation of necessary tools for the assembly of panels can be done. One should prepare the proper structure to facilitate the assembly and it results in flawless performance of joints and fasteners that ensures aesthetical finishing of building. There should be no wielding in the proximity of panels as it may permanently damage the coating of panel. Panels are usually designed for installation on plane surfaces of minimum 7 percent. All proceedings of installing Sandwich Panels such as roof cladding and lifting should be done carefully. Safety measures as per standard regulations for working at height such as lifeline, anti-fall safety net and parapets should be prepared prior. All installation workers are recommended to bear hand gloves for cutting prevention and footwear with soft soles in order to avoid scratching or any kind of damage to the panels’ surface.

When panels are lifted directly on the roof top, all instructions should be followed and also a rope fixed on the panel package’s end will enable better swinging rotation of the package. Heavy panels on the roof are difficult to move and can be dangerous. Therefore, these packages should not be lifted on roof, rather left on ground, then panels can be lifted one by one on the structure via cranes or lifting clamps. The protective film on internal sides must be removed before installation. Installation direction of the panels should always be opposite to wind direction. Now, place the first panel and fix it in place ensuring its alignment. The second panel is installed by overlapping the first rib on the rib of the first panel and then fixing them together on roof. Other panels installation then follow with proper directions.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Why do we use cold storage?


Cold Storage refers to the system of storing perishable commodities like food to prevent them from decaying. Such a system demands an artificial set-up where the temperature is kept typically low, sometimes below the freezing point. Apart from storing food, this system becomes inevitably important for storing cell samples, blood samples, vaccines and pharmaceuticals. The word "cold storage" can well be applied to something as small as a refrigerator or as big as a warehouse. In a situation where there are increasing demands for food supply, perishable goods become a liability owing to their tendency towards decaying. Cold storage preserve these types of edible items and lengthen the time for marketing the food. Cold storage are one of the many reasons for the expanding food trade all over the world. In recent years, Asia has started following the trend of using cold storage facilities. A business largely dependent on cold storage system can take resort to CRS Mobile Cold Storage, known for supplying portable cold storage units.

While cold storage systems are gaining immense vitality all over the globe, India still needs to gear up a bit to improve her cold storage units. Recent studies have revealed that most of the cold storage warehouses in India are adapted only to store potatoes, a vegetable that accounts for not more than 20% of revenue derived from agriculture. India, a country where economy depends a lot on agriculture, perishable goods indeed need a room to sustain and survive.

In a world of "give and take", cold storage systems help the companies to provide fresh and alluring commodities to buyers. In fact, they prevent the occurrence of any unfavourable situations due to decayed food products or medicines. There are myriads of cold storage processes and one needs to make the one right choice before investing. Not all food freeze successfully at a given temperature so it may otherwise affect the taste of the food. So it becomes quite essential to give proper attention while constructing cold storage units and maintaining an optimal temperature (taking all kinds of foods in consideration).
Cold storage once built properly steers away a great many number of hindrances. With its function to preserve, it plays the two-way role of preserving the edibles and thereby reducing the amount of waste and loss.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Ammonia Refrigeration- An ultimate way to keep your area cool


Excessive heat in the workplace causes negative effects on the persons working over there. Also, it affects the production rate and quality of the product. So, it is required to keep the area cool to get the best results. Fortunately, there are some methods to solve this matter, i.e. Ammonia refrigeration.
Cooling system helps in keeping the industry running to facilitate various functions. Ammonia is an artificial component meant for refrigeration. Basically, refrigeration requires basic physics for functioning. The heat energy goes out from one area to another. This in turn results in leaving that area cooler than the previous temperature. For large scale, ammonia refrigeration is required to get the cooling effect in lesser time. Generally, ammonia breaks down in the environment itself and does not cause any harm to the ozone layer. The damage can only occur if ammonia remains at the same place for more than a week.
Usually, anhydrous ammonia is used, which is a clear liquid and get boils at the temperature of -28° F. Under high pressure the liquid is stored in the closed container. It gets evaporated after released that cause a formation of invisible vapour or gas.

Why ammonia is required?
Many reasons are incorporated with the ammonia usage. Ammonia has become a choice of component where extreme cooling is required, especially in food processing industry.
  1. Safety level
Available as a toxic refrigerant, it is suggested to handle it with care. The refrigeration system is designed while keeping safety in mind. Due to its characteristic smell, it can easily be detected at the time of leakage.
  1. Saves energy
As compared to its counterpart, ammonia is much efficient in term of energy. Hence, ammonia is considered as the sustainable choice for providing safety.
  1. Effect on the environment
When it comes to the environment, ammonia is the most environment friendly reagent. It belongs to the group of GWP (Global Warning Potential) and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).
  1. Requirement of smaller pipe sizes
Either it is present in vapour or liquid form; pipes with smaller diameters are required for its supply.
Being a universal refrigerant, Ammonia is highly suitable for heavy commercial applications and industrial purposes.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Sandwich Panels Known For High Performance at Cold Storage

Building structure with pre-fabricated sandwich panel systems made of pre-painted galvanized steel with sandwiches rigid PIR/ PUR isolation, helps to make sturdy, aesthetic structures that save money, time, effort, and ability. Sandwich panels are delivered as manufactured finished panels which give you the option to select between different insulation materials, insulation dimensions, profiles, surfaces and a range of colors.

The panels are compacted, all-in-one elements, containing of an outer, solid envelope, a layer of insulation and an inner liner. The facade panels can be used flat or perpendicular and are also available with either noticeable or secret fixing. All panels have a tongue and groove resolution ensuring rapid and simple installation. Using sandwich panels it is probable to construct a building quickly and efficiently, and also have optimal insulation and fire safety, with an aesthetically attractive facade and roof.
High performance sandwich panels can be used in many diverse applications including agriculture, industry, showroom, office, cold storage, warehouse, etc. Metal confronted pre-insulated sandwich panels combine every feature required to meet the above disclosure conditions while offering high thermal protection value astonishingly high structural strengths to span large distances between supportive structural members. Apart from external Walls and roofs, every structure would require dividing of internal spaces.
Metal faced sandwich panels provide simple and easy-to-erect resolutions for all such applications. Many special amenities like Pre-fab construction require a high level of thermal and structural reliability coupled with high thermal isolation values to meet exact low temperature situations. We have complete range pre-insulated sandwich panels with a variety of outer finishes and insulating cores ranging from high efficacy polyurethane / polyisocyanurate to completely fire-safe insulation. Use of sandwich panels is evenly balanced between the two end uses presently.
However, with the start of electronic, pharma and accuracy manufacturing activities, sandwich Panels are assuming high relevance in structure construction. Sandwich panels with rigid claddings are produced using two variants in manufacturing techniques. It is also possible to stack a limited number of sandwich panels on top of each other on the front of the organizational frame. The sandwich panels are simply controlled to the frame. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Brief Insight about Traditional Ammonia Refrigeration

Ammonia is the most important refrigerant right from the 19th century. All those who are engaged in food preservation and industrial practice plants know ammonia as refrigerant of choice due to its matchless thermodynamic properties.

Traditional System
Environmental worries and new F-gas guideline are forcing experts and refrigeration technicians to take a serious look at natural refrigerants including air, water, carbon dioxide, ammonia and others as a long-term substitute for industrial refrigeration. Anyone engaged in food preservation and industrial procedure plants already know ammonia as the refrigerant of an option due to its supreme thermodynamic properties.

Having approved the test of time over more than a century as one of the best selections, ammonia is now getting attention in areas of application where it was unthinkable faster. Danfoss is a leading in ammonia refrigeration components, including mechanical, manual and electric valves. We are continuously working on emerging components that enable harmless and energy-efficient application of ammonia refrigeration system.

Ammonia is one of the most effective applications out there, with the application range from low to high or high to low temperatures. With the ever improving focus on energy consumption, ammonia systems are a secure and sustainable option for the future. Characteristically a flooded ammonia system would be 15-20 % well-organized than a DX R404A complement. Recent growths of NH3 and CO2 amalgamation contributed to growth the efficiency further. NH3/CO2 poured is tremendously efficient for low and very low temperature submissions (below -40’C), while NH3/CO2 brine systems are around 20% more effective than traditional brines.

Ammonia is a poisonous refrigerant, and it is also flammable at certain concentrations. That is why it has to be handled with care, and all ammonia structures have to be designed with security in mind. At the same time, unlike most other refrigerants, it has a typical odor that can be detected by humans even at very low absorptions. That gives a warning sign even in case of minor ammonia leaks. In case it is essential to reduce ammonia charge, mixture of ammonia and CO2 (as cascade or as brine) could be a good and efficient option.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How Can Refrigerated Trucks Be Useful For Transporting Perishable Freight

Generally the refrigerated trucks are similar to the normal ones because they do not differ in size and the handling is also the same. However, if we go with the name then it is clear that they have a refrigerator at the backside. Driving is also the same and if a person is thinking that these types of truck require special type of license then they are wrong because the normal license is the main requirement. These trucks have refrigeration services therefore the power consumption is more in them and they are loaded with some extra features and powerful batteries. The price and the hiring fee is also bit higher in the case of these trucks. Taking these trucks on rent is also simple as there are many websites that are serving for this purpose and they all just require a valid proof of identity and the fee from the customers.

There are many rental companies that are available and these trucks are the available in many places. Therefore, it is clear that finding a refrigerated truck is quiet normal and the cooling system fitted inside these trucks ensures that the stored goods remain safe and fresh. The carbon dioxide system of cooling is stuffed inside the truck and generally the transporters of fish and people dealing in perishable products use it. Paperwork is the main element of this service but the customers remain free because they just have to sign the agreement. However, with the help of online mode the time consumed in booking and other tasks can be saved and the fee can also be deposited with the help of cards and internet banking. There are insurance options as well and the people can select any package in case if they drive the truck and this will be beneficial

Avail perfect cooling facilities in the truck and drive on any road without thinking about the contamination issues.